Research Group Malignant Hyperthermia

Aim of the laboratory :

  • diagnosis of Malignant Hyperthermia (MH) susceptibility by means of in vitro contracture testing according to the protocol of the European MH Group (;

  • detection of associated structural myopathies;

  • clinical counselling concerning MH-susceptibility;

  • genetic counselling.

Responsible physician :

  •  L Heytens, MD, PhD  postdoctoral researcher University of Antwerp, consultant Dept of Anaesthesia (Head Prof  M. Vercauteren, MD) and neurology (Head Prof P. Cras, MD) University Hospital Antwerp

    Universiteit Antwerpen
    Campus Drie Eiken
    Gebouw T lokaal 004
    Universiteitsplein 1
    2610 Wilrijk
    tel 03 821 36 35 en 03 443 39 26

  • Neuropathology lab

    • Prof Ch Ceuterick- de Groote
    • Prof Dr Em JJ Martin
    • Prof Dr P Cras

    • Coworkers
      Mevr L De Wit
      Mevr I Bats
      Mevr E Peeters
  • Genetic diagnosis

    • Prof Dr P De Jonghe
    • Prof C Van Broeckhoven
    • Coworkers :
    • J Del Favero
    • Ann Löfgren
      • Applied Molecular Genomics
      • VIB Department of Molecular Genetics
      • Universiteit Antwerpen



Prof. dr. Marcel Vercauteren

Campus Drie Eiken
Universiteitsplein 1

2610 Wilrijk
Tel. 038213044
Fax 038250594