Research Group Malignant Hyperthermia

Aim of the laboratory :

  • diagnosis of Malignant Hyperthermia (MH) susceptibility by means of in vitro contracture testing according to the protocol of the European MH Group (;

  • detection of associated structural myopathies;

  • clinical counselling concerning MH-susceptibility;

  • genetic counselling.

Responsible physician :

  •  L Heytens, MD, PhD  postdoctoral researcher University of Antwerp, consultant Dept of Anaesthesia (Head Prof  M. Vercauteren, MD) and neurology (Head Prof P. Cras, MD) University Hospital Antwerp

  • Neuropathology lab

    • Prof Ch Ceuterick- de Groote
    • Prof Dr Em JJ Martin
    • Prof Dr P Cras

    • Coworkers
      Mevr L De Wit
      Mevr I Bats
      Mevr E Peeters
  • Genetic diagnosis

    • Prof Dr P De Jonghe
    • Prof C Van Broeckhoven
    • Coworkers :
    • J Del Favero
    • Ann Löfgren
      • Applied Molecular Genomics
      • VIB Department of Molecular Genetics
      • Universiteit Antwerpen