Full title: The Future of Law in the Age of Disruptive Technology. Navigating the Platform Economy and Transport Law

The rapid advancement of disruptive technologies and the rise of new business models facilitated by digital technologies have often outpaced the ability of legislators to provide adequate protection for all stakeholders involved.  Nevertheless, the law can be a powerful tool to both promote sustainable growth and simultaneously restrain abuses. 

In this context, the CPETL conference calls on scholars and practitioners to share their insights on policy-led regulation of disruptive technologies in transport law and the platform economy. The conference aims to create an agora for academics, researchers, and practitioners to showcase their research and engage in legal and policy-focused discussions. We hope to foster a dialogue on the convergence of law and technological advancements that explores how best to leverage the law to tackle the challenges arising from disruptive technologies. 

We welcome abstracts on different topics related to smart urban mobility, autonomous transport, and the platform economy, including but not limited to:  

  • Sustainable and inclusive urban mobility policy  
  • Tackling legal challenges in platform-based mobility (e.g. shared mobility, Mobility-as-a-Service) 

  • Increasing accessibility and 15-minute city concept 
  • Regulatory hurdles, risks and liabilities for autonomous transport  
  • Challenges in the contract chain for autonomous transport 
  • Legal and policy implications of sustainable transport digitalization  

  • Policy objectives and regulatory responses to platform power 
  • Challenges for consumer, seller and platform worker protection in a platform ecosystem 
  • Approaches to making platform and gig work sustainable  
  • The changing structure of platform contracts and the implications on risk and liability distribution  

Organizing team: 

Important dates: 

  • Abstract submission deadline: June 11, 2023 
  • Notification of acceptance: June 30, 2023 
  • Conference dates: September 21-22, 2023 


Venue: The Conference takes place in room S.R.012 of the City Campus. Room S.R.012 can be accessed from Rodestraat 14. The City Campus can be easily reached on foot from the Central Station or from the city centre (20-minute walk). 

City Campus map

21 September

  • 14.00-14.30  Registration
  • 14.30-14.40  Introduction 
  • 14.40-15.00  Professor JAN BLOCKX - Keynote speech: The Digital Market Act: Is it already working - and is it working as it should? 
  • 15.00-15.40  First part of the session Platform and Mobility – Chair Professor JAN BLOCKX (University of Antwerp)
    • The FTX platform Collapse: Legal Perspectives and Implications for Platform Governance - MALEK FERJANI (University of Antwerp)
    • Understanding The Legal Landscape Of AI: Defining Ai Harms And Risks— The EU AI Act Perspective - ANNE OLOO (University of Antwerp)
  • 15.40-16.00  Coffee break 
  • 16.00-16.40  Second part of the session Platform and Mobility - Chair Professor JAN BLOCKX
    • Multimodal Digital Mobility Services - Striking the right balance between rights and obligation - JUAN JOSE MONTERO PASCUAL (Florence School of Regulation)
    • The First Digital Platform Regulation In Europe - Lessons From The Regulation Of Aviation Computerized Reservation Systems - NATALIA GORTAZAR (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia)
  • 16.40-16.50  Conclusion of the first day 
  • From 17.30   Antwerp tour and dinner (dinner at participants' own expense) 

22 September

  • 09.00-09.20  Professor WOUTER VERHEYEN – Keynote speech: Transplanting the ecosystem-approach to regulation from platforms to logistics
  • 09.20-10.40  Session on Transport Law – Chair Dr. MARTA KATARZYNA KOŁACZ (University of Rouen & University of Antwerp)
    • Where we’re going, we don’t need lawyers (or insurers) – addressing the West’s social risk problems with artificial intelligence technologies in transportation and finding a new global consensus - KIM WATTS (University of Antwerp)
    • Independent assessment in trials with automated vehicles - CILLI SOBIECH and KRISTINA ANDERSSON (Research Institutes of Sweden)
    • The application of the AI Act and AI Liability Directive to autonomous aviation systems - GIUSEPPE CONTISSA, FEDERICO GALLI, GALILEO SARTOR (University of Bologna) and MARCO SANCHI (University of Bologna & University of Pisa)
    • Civil Liability and Autonomous Vehicles - EMANUELA MAIO (University of Parma)
  • 10.40-11.00  Coffee break 
  • 11.00-12.40  Session on Maritime Law – Chair Professor WOUTER VERHEYEN
    • Emerging Technologies and Effects of Recent Developments in Product Liability Regime on Shipping - FURKAN BULUT (Swansea University)
    • Contractual Challenges of Achieving Sustainable Port Call Practice in Shipping and the Potential Contribution of Smart Port Concept Does the current voyage charter party terms incentive high speed? - ALI ULVI SAHIN (University of Southampton)
    • Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships within the International Law of the Sea and Role of Remote Master - HAMZA CORUM (Swansea University)
    • Cyber Risks on Autonomous Ships and Challenges in the Law of the Sea - FATIH DURMAZ (University of Southampton)
    • The Legal Regulation Hurdles Of The Blockchain-Based Contracts For Digitalized And Autonomous Maritime Transport  - MARIAM MGELADZE (Ankara University)
  • 12.40-12.50  Conclusion of the Conference 
  • 12.50-13.50  Lunch 

Conference on the Platform Economy and Transport Law

21-22 September: The Future of Law in the Age of Disruptive Technology. Navigating the Platform Economy and Transport Law

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