Expert Group Antwerp Molecular Imaging

EGAMI stands for Expert Group Antwerp Molecular Imaging. Moreover, EGAMI is the mirror word of 'image'.

EGAMI is an integrated multi-disciplinary biomedical imaging platform combining the expertise and capabilities of five research groups of the University of Antwerp.

EGAMI enables translational and multi-modality imaging for its partners from industry and academia. The core business of EGAMI involves neuro-imaging with oncology being an emerging field within EGAMI.

Finally, through academic strategic basic research EGAMI is strengthening its intellectual property (IP) portfolio with regard to image processing algorithms, radiotracer development and (co)development of devices and accessories.


Building on a strong internationally-recruited multi-disciplinary team and on a state-of-the-art research infrastructure it is EGAMI's mission to be at the forefront of multi-modality imaging research from bench to bedside.

With fundamental and applied imaging research projects EGAMI aims to improve clinical diagnosis and patient's health