VLIR-UOS WEBINAR Statisticians and epidemiologists @ work: a glocal perspective

The Webinar of the ICP programs Master of Epidemiology at UAntwerpen and Master of Statistics at UHasselt, previously known as the ICP-North Workshop, is made possible through VLIR-UOS

This year’s edition, which is the fourth in a row, took place virtually on 18 May 2020 and was attended by 48 participants comprising students, researchers and staff.

Six alumni from Low- and Middle-Income Countries of both master programs were invited to share their experiences, career paths and research activities in statistics and epidemiology. This year’s speakers were MSc Veronicah Masanja (Uganda), MSc Catherine Atahigwa (Uganda), PhD(c) Ngan Thuy Tran (Vietnam), Dr Edmund Njeru Njagi (Kenya), Dr Damazo Kadengye (Uganda) and Dr Luwis Diya (Zimbabwe).

This year we also organized additional group sessions in which participants could ask questions to the speakers and elaborate on related topics.

It was found very inspiring and motivating by our current ICP-students.

VLIR-UOS offers International Course Programs (ICP) scholarships for students from the South since 1993 for the Master of Statistics and since 2007 for the Master of Epidemiology. Please check www.vliruos.be for more information.