RTNC2, the public television channel that focuses on news on development and entertainment for the people of Kinshasa, but also the whole of the Democratic Republic of Congo, invited prof. Van geertruyden (UA), prof. Jacquemyn (UA), prof. Lutumba (UNIKIN) and Dr. Inocêncio da Luz (UA) to the studios in Kinshasa for an interview on their upcoming research project on cervical cancer. This research is part of the VLIR-UOS funded project  on "Scientific support for the implementation of interdisciplinary / Inter-university project on maternal health in Unikin/Unilub".

On your right you can watch the news item released on RTNC2. The broadcasted episode of 'Allo Docteur' of 7 March 2014 is available as well. Below you can also look at photographs taken before and during the interview.