Improved infectious diseases research and surveillance in Ethiopia through capacity building in bioinformatics and sequencing.


Even though bioinformatics and genomics are relatively new biomedical disciplines, they have already made important contributions to the health of patients and populations. Bioinformatics and genome sequencing ca-pacity in Ethiopia is however extremely limited. African scientists are well positioned to play an important role in sequencing-based surveillance and research because the cost of sequencing technologies has dropped dra-matically, internet connectivity is constantly improving, and bioinformatics software tools are often freely availa-ble. We propose to develop sustainable capacity in bioinformatics and sequencing surveillance and research through an academic collaboration between Ethiopia, South Africa and Belgium. We selected topics of local public health importance: hospital acquired infections, vector borne diseases and tuberculosis. For these dis-eases, sequencing can significantly improve diagnostics, surveillance and control, thus contributing to better health of the population of Ethiopia.


VLIR UOS Joint project, 150.000€


Promotor: Van Rie Annelies


1/01/2018 - 31/12/2020

Epidemiology and social medicine (ESOC)

Improving maternal and child health in the South Ethiopian Rift Valley

Flemish project leader: Jean-Pierre Van geertuyden (University of Antwerp)
Local project leader: Wanzahun Godana

Project within the Institutional cooperation with Arba Minch University (AMU), Ethiopia

Flemish programme coordinator: Roel Merckx (KU Leuven)
Local programme coordinator: Guchie Gulie Sulla

Phase I started on 1 January 2017.

More information on the VLIR UOS website

Infectious Diseases

Flemish project leader: Annelies Van Rie (University of Antwerp)
Local project leader: Delenasaw Yewhalaw

project within the Network cooperation in Ethiopia

Coordinating university: Jimma University (JU)

Other partner universities:

Ambo University
Hawassa University
Debre Zeit College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture

Flemish programme coordinator: Luc Duchateau (Ghent University)
Local programme coordinator: Kora Tushune (Jimma University)


Phase 1 started on 1 January 2017.

More information on the VLIR UOS website