Applying Sustainability Transition Research in Social Work tackling Major Societal Challenge of Social Inclusion (ASTRA)

Promotor: Nathalie Vallet

Partners: ​Free University of Bolzano, CIRIEC Belgium-Uliège, Durham University, KULeuven, Kokkola University Consortium Finland, University of Ljubjliana, Natural Resources Institute LUKE

A sustainable social foundation for human life can only develop in an inherent interdependence with the overall ecological ceiling and regenerative economy. ASTRA, a collaborative research project, paves the way for a radically new approach to tackle the major societal challenges faced in the pratice of social work. This is done by combining transdisciplinary sustainability transition research, policies and practices in social work, with a focus on the social inclusion of young people facing precariousness, people with a migration background and vulnerable local communities in Europe. The main objective of the training in ASTRA is to educate, through participatory research, a new generation of creative and open-minded young researchers of social work, who will be able to tackle the relevant major social challenges of societies by using the perspective of sustainability transition.The interior architecture team of FOW (Nathalie Vallet and Athina Moroglou) focusses in ASTRA on: the intermediate role(s) of social and civic organizations in the redevelopment of deprived social housing neighbourhoods in urban cities... participative challenges, alternative strategies and enablers/disablers.