The approach of the domestic environment within interior architecture education: Towards an intersectional feminist framework of objects, pedagogies and practices

Promotor: Els De Vos

This research aims to redefine domesticity within interior architecture education through an intersectional feminist lens. Centered around the Interior Architecture program at the University of Antwerp, it explores how design studios can more effectively embody this framework. The design proposal seeks to develop a new lexicon, redefining design pedagogies and practices to foster a gender-sensitive and inclusive approach. It examines whether current educational methods activate behaviors and attitudes in both users and designers that align with the socio-political, economic, and cultural dimensions of domesticity. Key objectives include assessing the effectiveness of current tools and methods in fostering inclusivity and equality, and identifying ways an intersectional feminist approach can transform pedagogies and practices in interior architecture. The research methodology encompasses a comprehensive literature review, desk research, in-depth fieldwork, and practical applications in design studios. This approach aims to provide a holistic understanding of domestic environments in interior architecture, ensuring the development of design education that is responsive to diverse user experiences and identities. By integrating intersectional feminism into the curriculum, the research seeks to challenge and reshape the current educational paradigm, making a significant contribution to the discourse on domestic spaces and their complex role in interior architecture education.

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