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12 december 2020: Oedema goes online! 

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05 maart 2016: 2nd Oedema symposium: Lymphology State-of-the-art!

3-4 juni 2016: SCARCON2016: littekencongres i.s.m. Oscare

4-8 juli 2016: IFOMPT 2016 in Glasgow: presentatie abstract 'Attitudes and beliefs of physiotherapy students' door dra. Marijke Leysen

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24 september 2015: Balancing Biomechanics with Pain Neuroscience

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Belgian Back Society Lecture

New insights in improving daily life functioning of patients with low back pain. by Dr. Ivan Huijnen, Maastricht University, NL 

2 October 2014 
Venue: Universiteit Antwerpen, Campus Drie Eiken, gebouw D, lokaal D.233 - Universiteitsplein 1 - 2610 Wilrijk 
Time: 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM 
Organization / co-organization: Belgian Back Society 


De ‘goed’ geïnformeerde patiënt met chronische pijn: een lust of een last?

8 december 2014: De ‘goed’ geïnformeerde patiënt met chronische pijn: een lust of een last?

Dra Evi Verbecque, laureate of Gaston-Beunen VK award for young researchers

On 12 december 2014, the 19th Symposium of the 'Vereniging voor Kinesiolgy' was held at the University of Antwerp, organised by prof. dr. Peter Aerts (Functional Morphology, department of Biology) and prof. dr. Ann Hallemans (M²OCEAN, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences). There was a great attendance of about 90 participants from a variety of disciplines such as Sport and Movement Sciences, Rehabilitations Sciences and Veterinary Sciences.

A tradition within the VK Symposium is the ceremony of the Gaston - Beunen VK award for young researchers, in memory of the founder of the organisation and to reward excellent research in the domain of Movement Sciences in Flanders.
Dra. Evi Verbecque of the research group Rehabilitation Sciences & Physiotherapy  of the University of Antwerp, came second in the postercompetition with her research on "The Timed Up and Go test and Pediatric Scale: complementary tests in the assessment of balance control in 3 to 6-year old children." The abstracts of all laureates will be published in the journal of "Sport en Geneeskunde".