This page provides a look at the technical equipment and the expertise available in the lab and through a joint venture with the Reference Centre for Biological Markers of Dementia (BIODEM), Institute Born-Bunge. We always welcome collaboration with other departments, universities and the industry.

Human liquor and tissue sample preparation in bio-secure conditions

1 Sample preparation

Telstar Clean Air EF/S vertical laminar flow cabinet, Eppendorf 5804R centrifuge

SDS-Page electrophoresis and Western blotting

2 Immunoblotting

Rotators at RT and 4°C, iBlot dry blotting system Invitrogen

96-well plate reader – ELISA


Thermo Scientific Multiskan Ascent with filters 340,405,450,492, 550,620,630nm

96-well incubator/plate reader – RT-Quaking induced conversion assay


BMG Labtech FLUOstar Omega with florescence optic for excitation-emission: 450-480nm and 485-520nm

Multiplex assays

5 Luminex

Luminex 200 technology with detection bandwidth of 565-585nm

Cuvette absorbance measurement

6 spectrophotometry

Biochrom Biowave 190-900nm

Rapidly progressive neurodegenerative dementia research - Human brain dissections

7 dissections

Paraffin embedded brain sectioning – Immunohistochemistry

8 sectioning tissue

Thermo Scientific Microm HM355S

Neuropathology – microscopy – live imaging – digital photography

9 Microscopy and photograpy

Polyvar microscope with objectives 2.5x, Plan 4x, 10x,Plan Apo 25x, Plan Apo 40x (oil), Plan Apo 100x (oil); Canon Eos 600D

Biobanking of human liquor and brain tissue

10 biobanking

Eppendorf -80°C freezers