CELOX membrane fixation system

The University of Antwerp has developed CELOX, an innovative device to handle and fixate membrane-shaped biological tissue for in vitro research use. The membrane fixation system enables a faster and easier workflow and saves precious donor tissue.

​Situation before

Membrane-shaped tissue is used to grow different cell types or tissues in vitro.  Growing stem cells on the amnion membrane is a widespread example.  Experiments withmembrane-shaped tissue require specific mechanical actions such as fixation, stretching, immobilization, insertion into multi-well plates, observation, cutting and other manipulations.  These manipulations are time-consuming. In addition, any manipulation increases the risk of contamination and damage.


CELOX is a toolkit for fixation and handling of membrane-shaped tissue in biomedical tissue engineering and research.  It facilitates working with biological membranes such as amniotic tissue, RHC collagen membrane, extremely fragile CLP collagen membrane and synthetic PDLLA.  It is designed for culturing in standardmulti well plates.  The processing time in the lab is dramatically shorter compared to the traditional inserts.  CELOX has been developed to facilitate and standardize the handling and fixation of membrane tissue. The complete set consists of a platform fitting in a petri dish, a cutting layer, 3 gripping tools of different size and a series of flexible and hard rings to fit in 6, 12 or 24-well plates. The processing time and the risk of damage is minimised by reducing the number of manipulations. The consumption of biological membrane is considerably lower due to the visual overview and easy distribution over the 3 ring sizes.  Once the membrane is fixed on the ring, it can be easily manipulated, either directly with the gripping tool or with tweezers.  The ring fits in multi-well plates of the desired diameter.  The membrane can be placed on the bottom of the well plate, or at a distance, by means of the feet on the rubber ring. It can be completely submerged in one culture medium, or provided with different media above and below.

CELOX membrane fixation system

Partners we search for

We are actively looking for partners or licensees to commercialize this newly developed technology.  The University of Antwerp (UAntwerp) has a patent pending on the system.  The available expertise at at UAntwerp and the University Hospital Antwerp (UZA) can  be used for further clinical validation.

About the researchers

CELOX is a collaboration between the Product Development Department at the University of Antwerp (researchers: Frank Goethijn and Yassin Chakkar) and the Ophtalmology Department at the University Hospital Antwerp (researcher: Nadia Zakaria).  The Product Development Department is active in design and research for product innovation.  The design of medical devices is one of its spearheads. The Department of Ophthalmology of UZA is part of the Center for Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine and carries out innovative research to develop better treatments for eye diseases,relieve pain and save vision.

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