Regulations for ADS courses & activities


Cancellation and absences are only allowed:

  • In case of illness (doctor's note required);
  • If you inform ADS ( no later than 3 weeks before the start of the course/activity.

Sanctions for late cancellation (less than 3 weeks before the start of the course/activity) and notification of absence:

  • The 1st time, we will charge you for the course/activity by deducting it from your educational credit.
  • The 2nd time, we will also inform your supervisor of your absence.
  • The 3rd time, we will cancel your educational credit and inform your supervisor of this.

Absence and cancellation of a last-minute registration (three weeks before the start of the course/activity) is only possible if you have a doctor's note.

Attendance and participation

Participants are expected to attend all course/activity sessions and to arrive on time. If you have not attended enough sessions (absent for more than one class), ADS will charge you for the course/activity.

The success of the courses depends on the personal contributions made by each participant. We therefore expect you to have a positive attitude and to play an active role. Remarks about the courses/activities can always be sent to or the lecturer during or after the course/activity.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation, also on behalf of your colleagues.


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