Watch this video, where we shortly explain the YUFE pilot on ‘Doctoral Learning’!

The YUFE Alliance (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) is based on the joint vision of ten young research-intensive universities and two non-academic partners located all across Europe with a shared dedication to the European spirit and common aim to contribute to a more competitive, innovative and united Europe and their ambition to help address today’s challenges.

Continuing their work on a vision for joint European education and alliance-wide career support, a part of this vision is to stimulate responsible research through piloting the YUFE DIOSI Model for Doctoral Learning (Developing and Implementing hands-on training on Open Science and Open Innovation).

As a YUFE partner, the University of Antwerp will pilot the YUFE DIOSI model from May 2024 until mid 2025. The pilot will consist of the following sub aspects that you will all actively be able to participate in as a whole:

  1. evaluation of the embedding of the YUFE-DIOSI vision on Doctoral Learning at UAntwerp;
  2. internationally organised non-discipline specific training sessions;
  3. a personal development plan;
  4. a research plan;
  5. a non-academic mentor as additional career and personal development support.

What’s in it for you as a doctoral researcher:

  • personal growth (increase in personal skill set, employability, and self-confidence) and increase in awareness of your acquired competencies through a personal development plan and access to courses from other YUFE universities;
  • expansion of your international network (both your academic and personal network) and the possibility to learn from peers;
  • ability to steer your career through additional mentorship in career possibilities (non-academic mentor).

OPEN CALL for participation: registrations are open now!

Would you like to apply as a participant for the YUFE pilot on ‘Doctoral Learning’ at UAntwerp? From Monday 26 February onwards you can register via this form. You can apply until 29 March 2024 (included).

! Please note that

  • You can only participate in the pilot if your doctoral trajectory is still ongoing by the end of June 2025.
  • For the mentoring sub aspect of the pilot, there is a maximum of 50 participants. Therefore we cannot guarantee a place for every applicant in this sub aspect of the pilot specifically.

Timeline of the YUFE pilot 'Doctoral Learning' at UAntwerp

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The YUFE DIOSI Model for Doctoral Learning

The YUFE DIOSI Model for Doctoral Learning was created as part of the DIOSI project, coming to terms with doctoral learning in a changing higher education environment and thus finding itself at the crux between research, education, and innovation.

The model is based on the following five principles as part of a holistic take on doctoral learning:

  • a joint vision on doctoral learning with three main desired outcomes for a YUFE DIOSI PhD holder (1);
  • an overarching framework for the doctoral programme that acknowledges diverging expert visions on the ideal learning format(s) for the doctorate, which includes:
    • transferrable skills training (2);
    • formal and informal learning (3);
    • an extended thesis reflection (4);
  • a strategic reframing of supervisory relationships (5).

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Would you like to know more?

Rewatch our online info session (VIDEO) with more detailed information or find more information on our handouts of the info session. Here are some timestamps from the video:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:46 YUFE & YUFE's approach to doctoral and postdoctoral learning
  • 7:13 Background information on the DIOSI-project
  • 9:35 YUFE Pilot 'Doctoral Learning' across YUFE institutions
  • 10:24 Why this pilot on 'Doctoral Learning'
  • 14:09 The YUFE DIOSI Model on 'Doctoral Learning' explained
  • 21:59 The YUFE Pilot on 'Doctoral Learning' at the University of Antwerp with five sub aspects
  • 23:54 1st sub aspect: evaluation of the embedding of the YUFE-DIOSI vision​ on Doctoral Learning at UAntwerp
  • 26:29 2nd sub aspect: internationally organised non-discipline specific training sessions
  • 29:05 3rd sub aspect: a research plan
  • 32:39 4th sub aspect: a personal development plan
  • 35:20 5th sub aspect: a non-academic mentor as additional career and personal development support
  • 39:25 Practical information & timeline

If you want to know how YUFE wants to work on their vision for joint European education, specifically for doctoral and postdoctoral learning, watch this video on how they will stimulate responsible research through piloting the YUFE DIOSI Model for ‘Doctoral Learning’ and a YUFE postdoctoral training model and tracking framework.

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