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Research Excellence

Centres of Excellence

The University of Antwerp counts 15 Centres of Excellence.


The Methusalem program is a funding tool provided by the Flemish government that is meant to give stable, long-term structional financial support to internationally renowned researchers who lead a large group in which excellent leading-edge frontier research is conducted.

European Research Council (ERC) grant

The European Research Council (ERC) awards research grants to excellent young researchers (Starting Grants) and established researchers (Consolidator Grants, Synergy Grants, Advanced Grants), who can then set up a research unit around a challenging topic.

ERC grants are the most prestigious form of European research funding.

VLIR Chairs

Every year the universities of Berkeley, California and Pennsylvania, in collaboration with the Flemish Interuniversity Council and the Department for Education in Flanders, grant a chair to a researcher of one of the Flemish universities and active in the domain of Dutch studies. the purpose of the chairs is to present the culture, literature, history and arts of Flanders as an integral part of the curriculum at the American host institution.


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