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Methusalem Grant Holders

The Methusalem program is a funding tool provided by the Flemish government that is meant to give stable, long-term structional financial support to internationally renowned researchers who lead a large group in which excellent leading-edge frontier research is conducted.

Methusalem funding is reserved for the most excellent professors only, i.e. they are to:

  • have a proven international track record in their research field;
  • have an exceptionally strong publication record;
  • be highly successful in acquiring research funds from national and international competitive financing sources;
  • lead a large research group, allowing them to be a major international player within their domain.

Annemie Bogaerts - Faculty of Sciences

Plasma for environmental, medical, analytical chemistry and materials applications (PLASMA).



Bea Cantillon - Faculty of Social Sciences

Social Progress in Europe: putting new and old paradigms to the test. 



Herman Goossens - Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Research on the containment of antibiotic resistance and the immune response of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines.



Ivan Janssens - Faculty of Sciences

 Global Ecosystem Functioning and Interactions with Global Change (GCE).


Ive Marx - Faculty of Social Sciences

Antwerp Interdisciplinary Platform for Research into Inequality: In search of equality. A socioeconomic examination within a global and historical framework (AIPRIL).



Geert Mortier - Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

GENOmics in MEDicine: From whole genome sequencing towards personalized medicine (GENOMED).


Bruno Peeters - Faculty of Law

 Digitalisation and Tax (DigiTax).


François Peeters - Faculty of Sciences

 Nano Materials.



Pierre Van Damme - Faculty of Medicine & Health Care

Infectious disease prevention, control and management in a One Health policy context (VAX-IDEA).