Some labs and units are home to top-quality scientific equipment and expertise which can also be used by other researchers at the university. 

The University of Antwerp funds a number of these units as core facilities in order to acknowledge and support the services they provide.

Antwerp Centre for Advanced Microscopy (ACAM)

This core facility incorporates the expertise and infrastructure needed for imaging within cellular and molecular biological research, with an emphasis on histological techniques. In addition to instruments for optical and electron microscopy, the facility also houses equipment for cryomicroscopy, ultramicroscopy and electrophysiology.


Scientific supervisor: Prof. dr. J.-P. Timmermans
Contact: Isabel Pintelon


Biobank Antwerpen harbours a wide variety of collections of human biological samples, both from the University of Antwerp and the Antwerp University Hospital. The biobank works according to standard operating procedures (SOPs) for collection, processing and storage of high-quality frozen and fixated tissue and body fluid samples. The Biobank offers storage capacity to -180°C and an automated cryogenic biobank storage system. Clinical and non-clinical sample characteristics are managed by a customised sample management system, which assigns a unique identity number to each sample. Biological samples can be requested within the framework of scientific research.

Scientific supervisor: Prof. dr. Philippe Jorens en Dr. Elke Smits


The CalcUA infrastructure currently consists of the clusters Leibniz and Vaughan, providing a total of 330 compute nodes which deliver more than 565 teraflop of computing power. These facilities enable complex computing tasks to be carried out in a range of fields, including chemistry, physics, computer science, mathematics, biochemistry and linguistics. The facility's computing capacity is made available to external parties.


Scientific supervisor:Prof. dr. A. Cuyt

Centre for Proteomics (CfP)

This core facility focuses on the multidisciplinary field of proteomics and consists of a consortium of research units with complementary expertise. The facility has an extensive set of state of the art instruments for liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. The services available range from structure elucidation (including PTMs) to quantitative proteomics (label-based or label free), from small molecules to larger polymers and proteins, and from simple to complex compounds. Website:

Scientific supervisor: Prof. dr. Inge Mertens
ContactJusal Quanico

Neuromics Support Facility (NSF)

This facility provides services and training in the fields of genetics, genomics, transcriptomics, bioinformatics, histology and cellular imaging. Its responsibilities include evaluation of the novel scientific and commercial tools and technologies, consultations, user training and experiment design support in all areas of our proficiency.


Scientific supervisor: Prof. dr. Rosa Rademakers

In vivo BIO Imaging Lab

This core facility has extensive experience of in vivo imaging that uses small laboratory animals as models for humans, especially in relation to neurosciences. The facility uses four scanners to perform nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of small laboratory animals.


Scientific supervisor​: Prof. dr. A. Van Der Linden


StatUa is the core facility for statistical and methodological support at the UAntwerpen. Individual statistical support is offered to researchers and doctoral students, and includes services for setting up a study (experimental and observational trial design, sample calculation), making a plan for data collection, data entry and cleaning, setting up and executing a statistical analysis plan, providing statistical advice when writing papers or articles, and formulating answers to comments from referees. In addition to providing individual statistical support, StatUa also provides services by organizing courses. Both the consulting service and courses are also accessible to external parties.


Scientific supervisor: ​Prof. dr. Steven Abrams