Learning outcomes

Dutch-taught Bachelor of Architecture

1. The Bachelor gets architecture as a current global phenomenon in relation to science and art, with attention to diversity.

2. The Bachelor critically interprets and evaluates scientific and journalistic texts about and in architecture and the built environment, integrates these in their own work and refers correctly.

3. The Bachelor understands an architectural object, builds an international frame of reference and explains these reference-projects correctly in relation to their own work, argumentation and inspiration.

4. The Bachelor critically analyses an architectural question, with coaching and within a set framework.

5. The Bachelor designs a good quality set of architectonic spaces and applies the appropriate methods and techniques to do so.

6. The Bachelor designs socially relevant architecture.

7. The Bachelor designs architectural constructions and gears these to the required space and image.

8. The Bachelor designs architecture in a researching way and this with coaching.

9. The Bachelor manages their own design process effectively.

10. The Bachelor functions actively in a design team.

11. The Bachelor communicates clearly and correctly about their own design and about cultural and technical characteristics of architecture in general, is open to criticism and processes it.

12. The Bachelor shows empathy, professional ethics and social commitment in care for the built and non-built environment.