Design studios

Design is at the heart of the programme

Designing architecture is thinking of a future building or built environment - how it works, how it looks, and how it can be built. Imagining a future built environment is called an architectural design process: a set of activities in which and through which architecture is designed.

The design process is part of a much larger and more complex process that leads to the realisation of a building, but it is an essential component of it. The ratio of design and theory in the course is about 50/50, but here the profile of the student obviously plays a role.

In order to be able to design, an architect must possess different skills and diverse knowledge, and be able to combine them. Step by step we teach you these skills in our design studios.

Through exercises, analysis and reflection you will investigate how a design process can be started and you explore different basic principles of design. You learn how to apply different design methods and skills and explore their possibilities, opportunities and limitations. The central theme is 'spatiality': the quantitative and qualitative demarcation of space in relation to the broader spatial context. You learn to understand various design criteria related to spatiality and you learn to communicate them clearly and correctly in language and images. The design exercises take place in parallel with and in relation to an initiation of building a frame of reference.

The focus of the training is on these skills:

  •        sketching: free hand drawing of observations and design proposals
  •        projection drawing: drawing according to architectural drawing conventions
  •        computer drawing: CAD, BIM, image editing, layout
  •        model making: build scale models
  •        writing: written representation of observations and design proposals
  •        oral presentation: oral presentation of observations and design proposals
  •        graphical presentation: visual representation of observations and design proposals

As you can see, image communication and layout are an important part of your education.

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