Bachelor of Architecture

Taught in Dutch

This programme is taught in Dutch. On these pages, and for informational purposes only, we provide basic information about this programme in English. To find out more, we kindly refer you to the detailed information in Dutch.

A pedagogy of systematics

​You start the bachelor's program with an initiation module. You will then explore the world of architecture through thematic modules where theory, cases and design go hand in hand. In these modules you approach architectural design from a different angle: culture, environment and construction. You finish your bachelor with a synthesis module. With your bachelor's thesis you demonstrate that you can critically deal with a complex design assignment.The modular structure of the programme allows you to gradually develop your knowledge and skills. Sketching, building scale models and digital drawing: you learn it all. In addition, the program encourages a research-oriented attitude. For example, you will consider the social role of architecture and the contemporary challenges that the discipline is confronted with, such as savings and sustainability. Both your problem-defining and problem-solving abilities are stimulated to the maximum. 

What you learn in the auditorium is repeatedly tested against social reality through excursions, study trips and project weeks at home and abroad. The program is experience- and student-oriented and, moreover, has a commitment to the city in which it lives. Antwerp becomes your lab when you design individually or in small groups. You will receive feedback from your teachers, who will also provide you with permanent updates from the field. 

Departing from 3 domains in the architecture bachelor's programme you will learn to know and understand both the phenomenon and the discipline of architecture. You explore the broad field of architecture as a starting designer. The built environment is the central study object.The training aims to integrate design skills and scientific knowledge in three domains: 

  • culture (typology: what to build?) 
  • environment (topology: where to build?) 
  • construction (tectonics: how to build?) 

These domains are decisive for an architectural project.

Programme info

Admission requirements

​Diploma of secondary education or equivalent on the basis of the stipulations of the institution's access procedure or a diploma of higher education of one cycle with a complete learning programme or a diploma of higher education of social promotion.