Master of Architecture

Taught in Dutch

This programme is taught in Dutch. On these pages, and for informational purposes only, we provide basic information about this programme in English. To find out more, we kindly refer you to the detailed information in Dutch.

Pedagogy of confrontation

​After the bachelor's programme you have already developed a strong passion for your field as an architecture student. You know architecture as a cultural field and as a discipline, and you now know where you belong in it. The studio work creates a specific atmosphere, a world of exchanges and experiments. Various course units, lectures and workshops open up an international perspective. 

The master's programme in architecture offers you even more opportunities for in-depth study and is strongly interwoven with research. Through two lines of theory - 'architectural theory' and 'building' - you enrich your knowledge, but most competencies are developed in an integrated way and tested through design and research. An inquisitive attitude is therefore paramount, with a lot of attention for personal reflection and synthesis. You practice integral design and research. 

You choose a design studio that is anchored in a research cell. Your master's thesis will also be supervised within one of the research cells. During the course ‘Exploration of the practice’, you will be able to explore the work field. Finally, you will discover the breadth of the field through elective courses both within and outside the faculty. 

Your diploma is recognised in all states of the European Union as a prerequisite for practising the profession of architect.

Programme info

Admission requirements

  • Direct: academic bachelor of architecture, engineering sciences: architecture; NL: Ba architecture (TU Delft, Eindhoven), Ba Architecture Urbanism and Building Sciences (TU Delft, Eindhoven)
  • With preparatory programme: academic bachelor of interior architecture, civil engineering technology
  • With bridging programme: professional bachelor of applied architecture; NL: HBO Ba construction