Charlotte Fabri

PhD researcher - participant postgraduate 2021-2022

Hi, I’m Charlotte and I am 27 years old. I completed my master’s degree in Business Engineering in 2019 and since then I have been doing a PhD on the economic impacts of climate change in the European agricultural sector. I subscribed to the Postgraduate Energy & Climate, both because I felt that it was necessary to understand the science behind and consequences of climate change for my own research, and out of a personal interest for the energy transition. Because the classes take place only half a day per week, it was possible to combine the course with my own research activities.

And I have to admit, I have not been disappointed! The postgraduate is very different from what I experienced as a bachelor or master student. Firstly, every class is taught by a different speaker, either academic or from the industry, specially chosen for their expertise on the topic. This results in both motivated speakers and students. Every class there is an element of surprise to look forward to. Also, the organisation of the course into six-week modules followed by an exam means that there are short-term goals to work towards and that the study material is manageable. Thirdly, the postgraduate attracts a very diverse audience, ranging from freshly graduated to very experienced business people. It is interesting to see how some of the students reflect on the taught material from their own business background or perspective.

Lastly, the postgraduate is just incredibly interesting and relevant for today’s world. Even though the focus of the postgraduate is on climate change and energy, the topics are treated from very different angles: ranging from the history and science behind climate change, over societal and policy-making issues to technical assessments of the potential for energy efficiency options and renewable energy. There is truly something for everyone.