Jan Delmotte

ECM Business Consultant (Konica Minolta) – participant postgraduate 2018 -2019

I wanted to understand better what is actually happening

I studied this programme out of interest for the climate issues, and to get a better understanding of what is actually happening.  The combination of climate and energy makes a lot of sense. I also chose the University of Antwerp because the programme could easily be combined with a 90% working regime.  Moreover, as far as I could find out, there are very few European programmes dealing with similar topics.

If you are eager to break with day to day routine and investigate subjects that really matter for society; have interesting discussions with fellow students & lecturers; if you want learn which ideas can be implemented in your professional & private life (mobility, energy efficiency, ...) this course is made for you.

I use the things I learned mainly on a personal level: raising awareness about the climate & energy crisis and better understanding of potential solutions (scope of the climate crisis in all of its aspects, renewable energy, energy storage, energy market characteristics, ...).

On professional level, I try to raise awareness among colleagues and management to test decisions against sustainability criteria (e.g. car policies, mobility options).