Evelien Tempelaere

participant postgraduate 2021 - 2022

I chose the postgraduate because after my degree in Architecture and in Communication sciences, I felt that I had many skills but wanted to focus on using them on a specific theme. Since sustainability has been key throughout my education, I was set on a career in this field. However, sustainability, energy and climate issues are complex issues so I wanted a deeper understanding of all aspects, as well as insights on how it unfolds in practice. The postgraduate was exactly that. 

If after your previous degree, you want to center your focus on sustainability, this is the postgraduate for you. You can use it as an introduction to all climate issues to get a feel for what part you’d like to work in. 

The postgraduate has tremendously helped my career path! Next to the classes, I decided to start an internship, which has made this learning experience even more broad. Since it is a sustainability consulting firm, I work on very differed projects. Thanks to the postgraduate I do have background knowledge on almost all topics I work on. After my internship, I probably will get hired. Without the postgraduate I don’t think I would be able to land a job like that from the start.