Enhancing sustainability in agri-food systems: added value of participatory agent-based modeling approaches

Start: september 2021

Promovendus: Alfonso Adame ALBA

S. VAN PASSEL (BE) - Promotor 1


J. VAN MEENSEL (ILVO)- Promotor 3

P. MEIRE (WET) - Voorzitter

S. FARAHBAKHSH - Extern jurylid

The climatic and social factors associated with epidemiology of vector borne viral diseases (dengue and chikungunya) along an altitudinal gradient in Central Nepal

Start: December 2019

Promovendus: Parbati PHUYAL (Nepal)

E. WOUTERS (SW)-promotor 1

R. MÜLLER (ITG)-promotor 2

D. MEGHNATH (NHRC Nepal)-promotor 3

Groene ruimte in relatie tot gezondheid

Start: December 2019

Promovendus: Peter VERVOORT

I.LOOTS (SW)- promotor 1

F. VANDERMOERE (SW)-promotor 2

A. PISMAN (UGent/Ir.&Arch) promotor 3

Economic valuation and business models to support investments in urban green infrastructure

Start: november 2018

Promovendus: Wito VAN OISTAEIJEN

S. VAN PASSEL (BE)-promotor 1

J. COOLS (IMDO)-promotor 2

Freshwater ecosystems

Start: 2010

Promovendus: Chunping MEI

P. MEIRE  (WET)-promotor 1

WEN YALI (Economics) (Beijing Forestry Univ., China)-promotor 2

R. BLUST (WET)-voorzitter

I. LOOTS (SW)-jurylid