Hilde Greefs


Publicaties in de kijker

Sweet and sour economic turmoil and resilience of the sugar sector in Antwerp and Rotterdam, 1795-1815
Hart Marjolein't   Greefs Hilde  
BMGN-THE LOW COUNTRIES HISTORICAL REVIEW - ISSN 0165-0505-133:2 (2018) p. 3-26
Migration policies and materialities of identification in European cities. Papers and Gates, 1500-1930s
Greefs Hilde   Winter A.  
New York, N.Y., Routledge, 2018,320 p.
Alone and far from home : gender and migration trajectories of single foreign newcomers to Antwerp, 1850-1880
Greefs Hilde   Winter Anne  
Journal of urban history - ISSN 0096-1442-42:1 (2016) p. 61-80
Clubs as vehicles for inclusion in the urban fabric? Immigrants and elitist associational practices in Antwerp, 1795-1830
Greefs Hilde  
Social history - ISSN 0307-1022-41:4 (2016) p. 375-395
Choices and opportunities amid economic warfare : strategic decisions of the business elite in the young harbour town of Antwerp during the Napoleonic Era
Greefs Hilde  
Revisiting Napoleon's Continental System : local, regional, and European experiences / Aaslestad, Katherine B.-p. 223-240

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