Patrick De Pelsmacker

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Personality fit, self-identity congruity, and the willingness to pay more for ecotourism
De Pelsmacker Patrick   Moons Ingrid   Barbarossa C.  
18th International Marketing Trends Conference, January 17-19, Venice, Italy-p. 1-2
The impact of relational characteristics on consumer responses to word of mouth on social networking sites
De Keyzer Freya   Dens Nathalie   De Pelsmacker Patrick  
International journal of electronic commerce - ISSN 1086-4415-23:2 (2019) p. 212-243
How ad congruity and interactivity affect fantasy game players' attitude toward in-game advertising
De Pelsmacker Patrick   Dens Nathalie   Verberckmoes Shana  
Journal of electronic commerce research - ISSN 1526-6133-20:1 (2019) p. 55-74
The effect of ad integration and interactivity on young teenagers' memory, brand attitude and personal data sharing
Daems Kristien   De Pelsmacker Patrick   Moons Ingrid  
Computers in human behavior - ISSN 0747-5632-99 (2019) p. 245-259
Personalized and cued advertising aimed at children
Daems Kristien   De Keyzer Freya   De Pelsmacker Patrick   Moons Ingrid  
Young Consumers - ISSN 1758-7212-20:2 (2019) p. 138-151

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