Rudi Penne


Publicaties in de kijker

An exact robust method to localize a known sphere by means of one image
Penne Rudi   Ribbens Bart   Roios Pedro  
International journal of computer vision - ISSN 0920-5691-127:8 (2019) p. 1012-1024
An incremental procedure for the lateral calibration of a time-of-flight camera by one image of a flat surface
Penne Rudi   Ribbens Bart   Mertens Luc  
International journal of computer vision - ISSN 0920-5691-113:2 (2015) p. 81-91
De pracht van priemgetallen : het verhaal van een eeuwenlange zoektocht naar verborgen patronen
Levrie Paul   Penne Rudi  
Amsterdam, Prometheus, 2014,196 p.
A general graphical procedure for finding motion centers of planar mechanisms
Penne Rudi   Crapo H.  
Advances in applied mathematics - ISSN 0196-8858-38:4 (2007) p. 419-444
Chirality and the isotopy classification of skew lines in projective 3-space
Crapo H.   Penne Rudi  
Advances in mathematics - ISSN 0001-8708-103:1 (1994) p. 1-106

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