Interactive digital tools in the TEFL classroom

Many students are (becoming) active language users. To improve their potential and the impact of your own lessons, you can benefit by implementing strategies and methods that are suitable for different levels, easily accessible and free of charge. Furthermore, these methods require little preparation and can easily be implemented in various situations and for a broad spectrum of lesson objectives.

This course is designed for foreign language teachers.

The examples are taken from TEFL didactics, but teachers of French, German, Spanish, … as a second or foreign language will also benefit from this course.

The materials from this course can be easily implemented by teachers who teach with an interactive whiteboard or in an environment where tablets and/or smartphones are/can be used.

This is a beginner-intermediate course. A certain acquaintance with and comfort in using digital tools will come in handy, but is not a requirement. Teachers that are already proficient in using interactive digital tools should not participate.


During this course you will become acquainted with a wide variety of digital methods that make use of a digital tool that is free of charge and require no downloads. These methods and tools can be implemented in an engage-phase, the study section or the essential activation of the student during tasks.

You will immediately try out a few of these methods yourself, and will explore the possibilities of various digital tools. Because this course is online, screens will be shared with all participants, who will pose as students and experience the teacher side as well.


 Tim Berghmans is Master English and Dutch literature and linguistics. He is an English teacher in the third grade aso-tso, tutor in English didactics and internship tutor for Antwerp School of Education, examiner for the Examencommissie in Brussels.


live online (Blackboard Collaborate)

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2021 - 2022
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