Interfaculty and interdisciplinary research

Research at the Antwerp Faculty of Law is often undertaken in an interdisciplinary way, as the research programs and projects of the five research groups illustrate.

Research in collaboration with other faculties is hosted at University of Antwerp institutes.

The interfaculty institute for tax research, Antwerp Tax Academy, is a joint venture of the Faculties of Law, Arts and Philosophy, Business and Economics, Social Sciences, Science – Departement of Computer Science, the Institute of Development Policy and the Antwerp Management School.

The Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies - CeMIS is a nationally and internationally renowned and interdisciplinary research centre that conducts research, provides education and is societally engaged in the areas of migration, integration and intercultural themes, in various social fields, including education, the labour market, welfare, family, health and law.

The Institute of Development Policy – IOB is an internationally renowned centre of excellence in the field of development studies.