Student researcher programme

Student researcher programme

You can follow your Master of Laws programme while having the statute of student researcher. This programme acquaints you with the tasks and work of assistants and researchers. You will be involved in the operation of a research group at the faculty.

The main focus for student researchers is the preparation, under the supervision of a member of the ZAP, of a preliminary piece of scientific writing that is suitable for publication. This text may be submitted as your master’s thesis. Moreover you may perform a limited number of tasks related to teaching and research which will help you become acquainted with academic work. 

Aiming for a PhD degree after your graduation is often a logical result of being a student researcher, but it is by no means an obligation, neither is it guaranteed. Ideally, the student researcher programme will help you prepare to submit a research funding application.

To be eligible for the student researcher programme, you need to show sufficient motivation and you need to meet a number of selection criteria and requirements, that have been described in the rules and regulations (pdf, 294 kB). 

Should you have any questions about the student researcher programme, don’t hesitate to contact the faculty’s Research Office in room S.V.041 or at