Student researcher programme


You can hold the position of student researcher while following your Master of Law(s) programme at UAntwerp. This position allows you to familiarize yourself with the tasks and work of assistants and researchers. You will be involved in the activities of a research group at the faculty.


Aiming for a PhD degree after your graduation is often a logical result of being a student researcher, but it is by no means an obligation, neither is it guaranteed. Ideally, the student researcher programme will help you prepare to submit a research funding application. This is the FWO-track that you can choose after you first master year. This track offers you activities that will help you to prepare for a funding application and to strengthen your research cv. Students who do not aspire to submit a funding application for a PhD fellowship, can choose the general track that allows you undertake several more general research activities.

To be eligible for the student researcher programme, you need to show sufficient motivation and meet a number of selection criteria and requirements, that have been described in the rules and regulations (book III of the Education Codex). Also take a look at these guidelines that offer you an overview of the goals, the content and the evaluation of the student researcher programme, as well as an overview of the activities that are typically undertaken.

More information

Should you have any questions about the student researcher programme, do not hesitate to contact the faculty’s Research Office in room S.V.041 or at