Master of Biology - Global Change Biology

Causes and far-reaching consequences of global change.

Acquire insight into the drivers of global change and its consequences at all levels of biological organisation, from molecules over cells, individual organisms and populations to communities and ecosystems. Participate in state-of-the-art research performed at the internationally renowned Department of Biology.

You will strengthen your insights by attending the following key courses

  • Laboratory skills for global change biologists
  • Global change physiology
  • Evolutionary responses to global change
  • Terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystem functioning
  • Ecosystem-based adaptation to global change

Career options

Successful students receive a Masters degree in Biology, specialisation Global Change Biology. The degree offers competitiveness in the general field of Biology as well as in the expert field of Global Change Biology. The recognition that global change is threatening our planet means that expertise in the subject a widely sought asset.

As a graduate you will be prepared for a wide variety of positions which require a deep understanding of biology. In particular, you will have expertise in analysing policy and influence decision-making in the field of global change impact and adaptation. We expect that graduates will be employed by governmental bodies at both a national and international level, NGOs, and consulting agencies. Research offers another career opportunity, abroad, but also in Belgium where several research groups are leading the way in global change research.

High standards in education

The University of Antwerp is known for its high standards in education and its internationally competitive research. Its roots go back to 1852. The University has approximately 15 000 students. The University of Antwerp is an international university. International students from all over the world make up 12% of the total student population. The University participates in most European education programmes and has established partnerships with universities around the world.

Competence-driven teaching
The Department of Biology provides high-quality, student centred teaching with an emphasis on project-based activities and autonomous problem-solving. There is ample room for project work and interactive forms of teaching such as seminars, tutorials and small-group teaching.

Excellent student support
The city of Antwerp offers plenty of suitable student accommodation. The University has developed a database of accredited student accommodation. The University of Antwerp also offers a comprehensive reception programme for new students at the start of the academic year as well as regular social and cultural activities throughout the year.

Excellent research environment

Playing a prominent part in international research, the Department of Biology works together with universities and research institutions around the world. The research carried out by its academic staff is fully integrated into the courses taught within the programme. The Department of Biology has a large staff of national and international researchers and lecturers, and hosts two of the six Centres of Excellence of the University of Antwerp: 'Global Change Ecology' and 'ECO'. The department offers a strong and stimulating PhD programme.


Ms. Sarah Verberckmoes
Internationalisation coordinator