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Citizen Science in Tanzania

…the new magic bullet?


Citizen Science

Citizen science (and community based monitoring, CBM) is a hot topic. They are often portrayed as the panacea being able to provide cost-efficient, high quality, timely data, embedded in local context and knowledge which can feed in to policy making, academic research and push citizens’ awareness all at once.

But is citizen science delivering? And if so, what precisely and for whom?

The Belgian Embassy in Tanzania, Mzumbe University, IOB (University of Antwerp) and COMMUNITOR* have the pleasure to invite you to participate in this event on citizen science in Tanzania … and beyond.
(Inter)national and local government officials, civil society actors, practitioners, donor community, academic researchers, students, alumni, citizens all are warmly encouraged to come to the event, learn and engage in the panel debates. At the citizen science fair/networking reception you will get to know several Tanzanian and international citizen science|CBM projects. Further networking opportunities are offered during the walking dinner.