For most applications the standard reimbursement procedure applies. There are two different standard procedures, depending on your status:

  1. Employees of the University of Antwerp: via iExpense
  2. Students not employed by the University of Antwerp: via email

In both cases, a complete reimbursement file needs to be submitted, which is the same for both procedures! The required documents are explained below.

EXCEPTION: For courses offered by Linguapolis, StatUa or PAVO, a specific reimbursement procedure applies, see below.

Procedure staff (iExpense)

If you are employed by the University of Antwerp, you have to submit your application via iExpense.

On Pintra you can find a quick start guide and an elaborate guide (only available in Dutch!) for iExpense.
Below you will find a concise step-by-step plan with several specific points of attention on how to request a reimbursement from your educational credit.

Step-by-step plan

  1. Prepare your reimbursement file in advance. It contains (scans of) the following documents (identify them correctly and always include your full name!):

    Name document
    ! Must be signed by supervisor and doctoral researcher
    Payment slips in personal nameinvoices, transport tickets, receipts for cash payment
    + copy of your bank statements or the credit card statement

    Certificate of attendance
    For research residencies: include a motivation letter that indicates the learning component of the stay

  2. Log on to iExpense.
  3. Click 'Create Expense Report' on the top right.
  4. Fill in a short description of your expenses in 'purpose'. In the blue field underneath called 'Additional Information', fill in 'ADS - Educational Credit' next to 'Delegate to secretary'. This is a vital step to allocate your request correctly! Next, click on 'save'.
  5. In the following screen, fill in your expenses:​
    • 'receipt-based expenses' for all costs with payment slips
    • 'milage expenses' for driving with a car (these can be found on the second tab-sheet)Some costs require extra information via the button 'details'. Then, click on 'save'.
  6. ​In the next screen, fill in the ADS Cost Centre (= budgetcode): Department: 54, unit: AD012000 and activity/project: GIOPLKRE. Click on 'save'.​
  7. In the last screen,  add documents as proof: when you click on 'attachments', a pop-up appears in which you can add the scanned files from your computer. Make sure to include all necessary documents (see above, step 1). In case of problems, check if your computer allows pop-ups for Click on 'save' after you uploaded your attachments. If your upload was successful, a little 'paper icon' will appear underneath the paper clip.
  8. Take another good look to see if all details of your request are correct. If so, click on 'submit'. Your request is sent to the people in charge at the Antwerp Doctoral School and the Financial Department. You can track the status of your request in iExpense.

Procedure non-staff (via email)

If you do not have an employment contract with the University of Antwerp, you need to send your request for reimbursement via the educational credit via email.
Please follow the steps below:

  1. Assemble your reimbursement file. It contains:
    - application form for educational credit
    - original payment slips in personal name: invoices, transport tickets, receipts for cash payment, copy of your bank statements or the credit card company 
    - certificate of attendance/participation. For research residencies: include a motivation letter that indicates the learning component of the stay.
    - expense form

    Use the following expense form:
    - Form ADFIN-0103: third party remuneration and expenses. Include the following on your expense form: your personal details, account number, signature. In the box 'accounting key' at the top right, mention the ADS cost centre: Department 54, Unit AD012000, Activity Project GIOPLKRE. If part of the costs will be covered by the research unit, please state the cost centre for the research unit, the signature of the budget manager and budget year (= the current year).

  2. Send the file to the Financial Services, preferably via email ( and otherwise via postal mail to the following address:

    Financial Services
    Campus Middelheim
    Middelheimlaan 1
    2020 Antwerpen
  3. Upon receipt, the Financial Services will check your file and will pass it on to the Antwerp Doctoral School for final approval before the requested amount is paid.

Specific procedures: Linguapolis, StatUa and PAVO (LAS)

Verify in your SisA Selfservice student account whether you have enough educational credit left. 

Register for the course and mention that you are a PhD student at the Antwerp Doctoral School.          

The tuition fees will be paid directly from the balance of your educational credit at the request of Linguapolis, StatUa or PAVO Laboratory Animal Science. You don't have to do anything else.