Costs eligible for reimbursement

1. Only enrolment fees, accommodation* and transport costs**, and daily allowances* (per diems) for the following activities that you followed in Belgium and abroad and related to the doctoral study programme will be considered:

  • Academic training programmes;
  • Conferences;
  • Study days;
  • Research residencies: a learning component must be present. The residency should involve more than just taking samples, data collection, fieldwork or archival/library research. In case of a research residency, you need to include a motivation letter with your application. 

*Choose 'Documents' > 'Hotel costs and Per Diem' on Pintra (only accessible to staff).

**PLEASE NOTE: UAntwerp staff members must follow the NEW travel procedures. Find more information on Pintra. The reimbursement procedure of educational credit remains the same. You need to prefinance your travel costs via an invoice in your own name.

2. Non-academic courses or trainings are eligible if the organizer is acknowledged by the Flemish government as an official training centre.

3. Language and writing courses organized by an external organization are only reimbursed if their content does not match the content of courses organized by the Antwerp Doctoral School and/or Linguapolis.

Costs NOT eligible for reimbursement

Only activities that help develop your competences can be reimbursed via educational credit. Reimbursement is not possible for a.o.:

  • travel expenses not complying with the NEW travel procedures (only for UAntwerp staff members; find out more on Pintra);
  • purchase of hardware and software;
  • purchase of books and magazines;
  • purchase of licenses;
  • costs associated with taking samples and/or archival or library research;
  • additional travel insurance;
  • membership of (scientific) foundations (unless immediately linked to conference registration and contributing to a lower registration fee);
  • purchase of course materials (exception: if the PhD researcher can prove that these materials are necessary for a specific course which is eligible for the doctoral programme but are not included in the course fee. The supervisor must approve this exception);
  • printing costs for thesis, posters or articles;
  • costs incurred by jury members;
  • reception costs after the defence of the doctoral thesis;
  • PhD tuition fee;
  • tuition fees for studies that lead to a diploma;
  • per diems (daily allowances) not related to registration, accommodation or transportation costs;
  • publication costs and costs for proofreading or translating articles;
  • non-academic courses or trainings if the organizer is not acknowledged by the Flemish government as an official training centre;
  • language and writing courses organized by an external organization if their content matches the content of courses organized by the Antwerp Doctoral School and/or Linguapolis;
  • language tests not linked to a language course;
  • vaccination costs;
  • etc.