The following contains important information for PhD researchers regarding crucial aspects of your role and responsibilities in the field of intellectual property and confidentiality. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the following important points:

1. Handling Confidential Information

During your activities, you may encounter confidential information belonging to the university or our external partners. It is imperative that you treat all such information as confidential unless expressly stated otherwise. We operate on the principle that new information is confidential until proven otherwise. Your commitment to confidentiality is crucial in maintaining trust and integrity within our institution. A confidentiality clause is also included in your employment agreement.

2. Reporting New Inventions

As you carry out your PhD project, you will undoubtedly make new discoveries and innovations. We encourage open communication and collaboration. Therefore, any new findings should be reported to your supervisor, who will guide you on the appropriate process for disclosing these innovations to our Valorisation Office (Technology Transfer Office - TTO).

3. Ownership of Inventions

Please be aware that, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, all discoveries made by university staff and employees are considered the property of the university. This includes intellectual property arising from your work. We are committed to fostering an environment where your innovations can thrive, and the university will provide the necessary support for their development as well as for further use of your discoveries at the benefit of economy and society.

4. Valorisation Office (TTO)

The Valorisation Office (TTO) is the designated entity responsible for safeguarding and managing our intellectual property. TTO is the sole office authorised to negotiate agreements with investors and licensees regarding your discoveries. The TTO plays a crucial role in the development, protection, and commercialisation of the intellectual property.

5. Training and Support

We understand that navigating the complexities of confidentiality, intellectual property, and commercialisation may seem daunting. Rest assured, our Valorisation Office is here to assist you. They offer training, coaching, and guidance to help you handle confidential information, understand the process of protection and use of intellectual property processes, and effectively market innovations. Find more information on Pintra.

We encourage you to reach out to the Valorisation Office (TTO) if you have any questions or require further assistance regarding these matters: or for more information: