New interface Web of Science

Web of Science has a new interface. From July onwards this new interface will be the default, it will still be possible to click through to the old interface for a while though. To do this, click on 'Products' at the top right and then on Web of Science (Classic). Access to the database remains unchanged: on campus automatic access and off campus access with VPN.

The new interface goes beyond a simple refresh of look and feel! Training sessions are planned in the next academic year.

Webinar chemical database Reaxys

Elsevier recently performed a major update on their chemical database, Reaxys. One of the new updates involves a new predictive retrosynthesis tool based on artificial intelligence. Wednesday May 19 at 11 am the developers will host an online webinar on recent developments in predictive retrosynthesis, together with an in depth discussion on the new AI tool and a live demo. Registration is free but mandatory on

Warning: we do not currently own a subscription to the Reaxys database. However, if you are interested, please contact

Documentaries on Kanopy (12/03/2021)

The UAntwerp now has access for one year to 2 documentaries about Guatemala on the streaming platform Kanopy:

  • 500 YEARS - Life in Resistance
  • Granito: How to nail a dictator

These are currently the only two titles available to us on Kanopy, but faculties and departments can always buy more titles if interested.

Free access to online resources by KBR (18/02/2021)

The Royal Library of Belgium (KBR) offers remote access to its digital collections. The available resources represent a potentially relevant extension of the UAntwerp library resources, especially for students in the Humanities and Social Sciences. KBR purchases the electronic resources and makes them freely available to registered users through the MyKBR account. Each registered user thus has access to more than 100 databases, 5,000 e-journals and 62,000 e-books, with a focus on humanities and social sciences. Some sources are accessible only in KBR itself for legal reasons; this is indicated in the overview on their website.


(1) Register once for a MyKBR account:

(2) Browse through the overview of available e-resources:

When you click on a source, a login is requested. This is where you then log in with your KBR account.

(3) Or, you can search through the KBR's catalog: - in that case, don't forget to log in with your KBR account at the top right.


An overview page of all digital sources (with links to both digitized sources and purchased online databases):

New: ACS journals (13/07/2020)

​The library offers a subscription to the entire package of journals of The American Chemical Society.

Access is from 1996 onwards.

ACS journals are available through the UAntwerp catalogue and via the blue UAntwerp button in bibliographic databases. Use VPN when off campus!

New: OnArchitecture (14/05/2020)

​Audiovisual archive about buildings, designs and architects.

OnArchitects is a database with biographical information, interviews with architects, audiovisual materials of buildings and designs. All audiovisual materials are indexed and references to literature are added.

The database is available via the overview of databases.

Extra online content during corona crisis (18/03/2020)

Many publishers are giving us temporary access to their resources so that users can work and study from home in the best circumstances. 

We are given extra online content in the form of books, journals and databases by several publishers. This way users can hopefully find all the resources they need even though they can't go to the library anymore. This extra content is of a temporary nature however and will disappear again after the crisis.

Access is normally set up via IP recognition so you get automatic access from home when you use a VPN connection.