Library & Archives regulations

1. Regulations

At the Library Council meeting on 20 March 2023, the library regulations were established. All users are expected to comply with them.

Additional regulations apply to certain areas in or belonging to the University Library, for example the Learning Centre De Parabool on Campus Middelheim and BibLab on Campus Groenenborger. The specific regulations are available on the website.

2. General

2.1 Opening hours and closing days

The library's opening hours and closing days are determined by the policy of the University of Antwerp and can always be found on the website.

Every day, the closing procedure starts 15 minutes before closing time.

2.2 Access

The libraries are freely accessible to members of the University of Antwerp and the Antwerp University Association (also referred to as AUHA). The learning centre De Parabool is only accessible to members of the University of Antwerp.

Anyone who is not a member of the University of Antwerp nor of the Antwerp University Association (AUHA) and who is older than 18 years can only be admitted to the University Library after registering, provided that the normal activities of the library's own members are not affected.

2.3 Reserving workplaces

Anyone who wants to work or study in the library can reserve a place to work via the online reservation system Take a seat. Reservations always have priority.

3. Membership

3.1 Registration

Anyone who wants to use library services and applications has to register as a user. Members of the University of Antwerp are automatically registered. Others address the front desk to register. The overview of membership fees can be found on the library website.

3.2 Protection of personal data

Personal data are kept only to the extent necessary for the proper functioning of the library. After five years of inactivity, user records with associated personal data are deleted.

If deleting an entire user record is not possible for the proper functioning of the services, because the record is linked to the academic bibliography, for example, only those data that are necessary for the functioning will be kept.

Under no circumstances will personal data be passed on to third parties.

Users who wish to request access, correction or deletion of their personal data and/or limitation can contact the helpdesk:

4. Rules of conduct

4.1 General rules of conduct

Only activities related to study and research are allowed in the University of Antwerp libraries.

Users shall behave respectfully towards other users and library staff. Disruptive, rude or threatening behavior may lead to sanctions.

Instructions from library staff shall be followed at all times.

4.2 Quiet and Talking Areas

In the University of Antwerp libraries, the general rule is that no loud talking or phone calling is allowed. In some areas, talking or discussing is allowed as long as it does not disturb the other people.

4.3 Eating and drinking

Eating is prohibited in the reading rooms. Drinking is allowed only if books and equipment cannot be damaged (no 'unstable' cups). The rules are stricter regarding the consultation of precious and rare items or in rooms where equipment is worked with.

4.4 Care

The user handles documents with care and keeps them in their original condition. A fee may be charged for damaged materials.

The available infrastructure (e.g. computers, audiovisual material, anatomical models, (3D) printers, etc.) is only used responsibly and safely for the intended purposes.  Additional safety regulations apply where necessary.

5. Loan rights

Members of the University of Antwerp and members of the Antwerp University Association (AUHA) have free loan rights. Others can buy a reader's card.

5.1 Loan categories

Number of titles on loan

Loan period

UA-staff, PhD students


3 months



3 weeks

UA-pensioners, emeriti


3 weeks

AUHA*-staff and pensioners


3 weeks



3 weeks



3 weeks

(*) AUHA, Antwerp University Association: University of Antwerp, Antwerp Maritime Academy, Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerp, Karel de Grote-Hogeschool.

5.2 Loan restrictions

Certain items, such as journals and reference works, are not for loan, or only on a limited basis. This is always mentioned in the catalogue.

Objects from Special Collections and Archives are not for loan and can only be consulted by appointment.

If required by law or agreement, unpublished works and archives will only be given for consultation after written permission from the author or owner.

5.3 Extension of loan

Renewal of works with a normal loan period is possible (max. 3 times) as long as no other user has requested the work. After three extensions, the borrower brings back the books, after which a new loan period is registered.

5.4 Suspension of loan

The library may request the return of any loaned work provided it has valid reasons.

5.5 Interlibrary loan

Items that are not available in the University Library can be requested in other libraries. National and international agreements on interlibrary loan must be followed. The cost of interlibrary loan is charged to the user or his/her department.

5.6 Theft protection and control

Books can be taken from the reading rooms only after borrowing. The anti-theft security of the books is deactivated only after borrowing. In case the theft protection raises an alarm, the user spontaneously reports to the library desk for a check. A librarian always has the right to check a user in case of alarm.

5.7 Responsibility of the borrower

The borrower remains personally responsible for each loaned work. Borrowed works may not be passed on to third parties.

Each borrowed work shall be returned no later than the date of expiry of the loan period. Late return, damage or loss will result in penalties.

6. Photocopies and scans

6.1 Copyright

The photocopiers in the libraries serve only for copying and scanning work permitted by Belgian copyright law. The University of Antwerp pays reproduction fees to Reprobel. Copying or scanning articles and parts of books is therefore permitted.

Printing from databases provided by the library is generally allowed for non-commercial use.

6.2 Special collections and archive documents

It is not possible/ prohibited to copy works from the Special Collections Department and archive documents. Taking photographs (without flash) is permitted. If qualitative reproductions are required, they should be requested.

7. Sanctions and measures

7.1 Exceeding loan period

Non-compliance with the loan periods results in a temporary suspension. The borrower will no longer be able to use library services such as borrowing or reserving a workplace. Anyone who fails to return the works or damages them will be responsible for payment of a replacement copy and all associated administrative costs.

7.2 Improper use of computers and equipment

The computers and other equipment in the library are for study or research purposes. In case of improper use, access to the library may be denied.

7.3 Sharing of personal login data

The data with which a registered user uses the library applications are strictly personal and may not be shared with third parties. Infringements of this may result in exclusion. Any further sanctions will follow the regulations as established by the University administration.

7.4 Theft and other infringements

Theft, damage, concealment of works or refusal to cooperate with inspection may be punished by immediate exclusion from the library for a maximum period of 6 months. The same may happen for other violations of library regulations. The head librarian or his/her deputy takes the decision after hearing the reader. Appeals may be made to the rector or his/her representative.

8. Exceptions

The head librarian or his/her deputy may grant exceptions to these regulations.