What is an ORCID?

ORCID provides researchers with a unique identifier (an ORCID iD) and a mechanism for linking their research outputs and activities to their ORCID iD.

ORCID is integrated into many systems used by publishers, funders, institutions, and other research-related services. It is also becoming more and more a requirement of many journal manuscript submission systems and grant application forms.

Connect your ORCID iD with the UAntwerpen Institutional repository

ORCID Display

As member of ORCID we work together to collect iDs for our faculty and staff and connect them to the information about your research activities stored in our repository (see section below).

Giving permission for the University of Antwerp to connect with your ORCID iD enables us to collect your iD in a machine-readable format, and connect it to information about your research activities stored in our systems. 

To connect your ORCID iD, go to https://repository.uantwerpen.be → My bibliography  → My account. Look for the ORCID section.

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