Your name

Always spell out your first and last name in full. Also make sure to add initials, if any; initials are most useful to distinguish yourself from possible namesakes.

Add your email address and links to your personal UAntwerp webpage and/or to the website of your faculty, department, service/lab/research unit.

Link your ORCID Id to your ResearcherID and Scopus Author ID.


Add your affiliation to the University of Antwerp. Always use the correct name of our university

  • Universiteit Antwerpen / University of Antwerp
  • Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen (UZA) / Antwerp University Hospital
  • Add your faculty, department, service/lab/research unit
  • Make sure to list all your UAntwerp affiliations if you have more than one!
  • Do not use the abbreviation UA

Works (publications)

You can easily import all your publications from the UAntwerp Institutional repository into your ORCID profile. Go to → My bibliography  → Sync with ORCID

Link your ORCID Id to your ResearcherID and Scopus Author ID. By doing so, all your publications that have been identified in ResearcherID and Scopus can be imported in your ORCID profile. Vice versa, the information is also passed from ORCID to ResearcherID and Scopus, and by extension to the Web of Science (note that there is a delay of approximately two months).

New publications added to ORCID do not automatically flow to the UAntwerp Repository. So do continue to submit your new publications to the UAntwerp Repository.

Make your ORCID profile public!

For each of the sections in your ORCID profile, you can decide if the visibility is public (everybody can see), limited (only trusted parties) or closed (Only me).

For  your research and the research of our university to become publicly searchable and discoverable, we advise to make sections publicly available (at least name and employment).