Jobs on campus

How should you apply for a job on campus?​

  • Students can apply for jobs on campus through the database Jobteaser.
  • You can find the latest vacancies via the page 'University of Antwerp- Jobs on campus'. You can follow this page to stay informed about new vacancies.
  • Offers contain a short description, name and contact details of the employer. You can apply using the email in the vacancy.

Who can work on campus?

All students of UAntwerpen can work on campus as long as they meet the criteria. Students who are subject to standard Social Security can only be employed with the explicit approval of the client and the Human Resources Department. Find out more about Social Security contributions

Are there any rules about working hours?

  • Employment of minimum 3 hours per day and maximum 40 hours per week
  • A student may work maximum 12 consecutive months a year under a student employment contract.

Do you need to print out a certificate listing your quota of days not subject to social security for on-campus jobs?

Students need to submit a recent certificate showing the balance of their quota at the start of each job. Based on this certificate, the Human Resources Department will know how many hours the student can still work.Take a look at the information about the registration procedure at Student@work so that you can obtain a certificate if necessary! You can print the document or request a code. When you provided your employer this code, your employer can check the remaining quota. This code gives the employer access to a limited section of the student's personal page at Student@work for a short period of time.

Off-campus jobs


Studaro offers international students student jobs related to both their studies and their personal growth. Be aware that the minimum length of your employment is 6 months.


You can also find a student job via JOS (job student system) from VDAB. JOS is only available in Dutch. By opening the site in Google Chrome and using the right mouse button on the homepage, you are able to choose 'translation'. The entire website will be translated to the language you prefer.