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Off-campus jobs

If you want to supplement your income as a student then you can find a job on JOS

What is JOS?

‘JOS’ is an innovative project run by the student facilities of the Brussels and Flanders university colleges and universities, in collaboration with the Flemish Public Employment and Vocational Training Service (VDAB). Contact the office for student affairs and ask how you got into the system.

Which information can you find in 'JOS'?

  • Here you can find all the job openings posted by the participating university colleges and universities as well as the job openings for student workers published by companies or by the VDAB.  There is a varied selection of jobs available during both the academic year and the holiday months.

    You can easily search for jobs that match your criteria in 'JOS' regardless of where you live or study.  The database allows you to carry out targeted searches based on the profession/sector and region you would like to work in. 
  • In ‘JOS’ you can also find a template student employment contract.

Information for international students

All of the above information also applies to international students who meet the criteria for working here. The job database (  is only available in Dutch. By opening the site in Google Chrome and using the right mouse button on the homepage, you are able to choose ‘translation’.  The entire site will be translated to the language you prefer.