Compared to last year

December 7th 2021

Tuesday saw round 44 of the Great Corona Study – an initiative of UAntwerp, in cooperation with UHasselt, KU Leuven, ULB and supported by a financial boost from the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO). The fact that corona is once again playing a leading role in our society is also reflected in the number of participants: just over 18,000 people filled in the questionnaire. That is 6,000 more than the previous edition in September. 

An initial analysis by the scientists yields these results – as always weighted by age, gender, education level and province: 

Some of our participants have doubts about getting the booster vaccine, but it is certainly not as high (unweighted figures) and trust in the government has declined much or very much (Q304). 


Party with 50 guests 

- Didn’t attend a party in the past month: 89% (was 93% > 88%) increase compared to September 


Christmas and New Year 

- In many other ways 

- 22% expected a party like before corona, 54% like last year 

- With whom? Compared to last year (15/12/2020)> strong increase of parties with non-household members 

- How to celebrate (p. 17): not as often outside as last year 



- Everyone is familiar with them and 59% already used one 

- Haven’t used it yet: no reason or symptoms 

- Have used it: easy and clear manual, 21% find it unpleasant 

- Have used it to attend a party: 42% do not, 23% expect all guests to use it. Also many others 


2 statements on masks & children 

- 59% necessary > 49% mandatory vaccination for those over 18 > 42% too little too late (schools will close anyway) 


- 2% out of work due to corona crisis, 13% out of work but not due to crisis (out of ± 7,400 participants) 

- 4% (120 participants) work part-time due to the corona crisis 

o The work situation (none or part-time) had changed most since March 2020 (47%) with a slight increase in October and November 

- Of those now working full-time: 6% have been unemployed due to crisis, 8% work part-time due to crisis 

o Also mostly in March/April/May and with a slight increase in November/December 

- New questions  

o Before corona 55% thought working from home was impossible, after corona 31% 

o Ability to work from home: 25% never 

o Recommended by sector: 30% no 

o Satisfaction: 

    . generally satisfied except for government support > to be reviewed by sector and profession 

    . also satisfied with colleagues 

o Working from home in 2022: the same or more 

o In the past two months: 34% never 


Health & tests 

- 14% are in quarantine: household member tested positive 5%, symptoms 4% 

- 25% had a COVID test in the past two weeks 

- 17% tested positive for their tests > ± 4.5% of participants 

- Type of test: 56% PCR, 33% self-test 

- Hospitalisation (p. 48); 3% hospitalised for corona