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Admission and enrolment

To start a PhD you need a topic, a supervisor and funding. Once you’ve got this in order, you can contact the registrar's office.

To start a PhD you must be in possession of a master's degree or a diploma that is equal.

The faculty in which you will perform your PhD will decide on your admission based on the project you’ve proposed with your supervisor.

For some students, the faculty may ask you to complete a preparation program within the discipline you want to perform your PhD. This applies to: 

  • Students who wish to get a PhD in a discipline other than that of their Master's degree
  • Students with a master's degree of which the University of Antwerp does not own a teaching qualification
  • students with a diploma delivered outside the Flemish Community.

Have a look at the vacancies for PhD scholarships.

Collaboration with external partners

If your PhD involves collaboration with external partners (e.g. a company or another university), then it is best to make certain agreements in advance about publication, secrecy and property rights regarding the results of the research.

Tech Transfer can provide you with support and advice and help you draw up an appropriate agreement. You should also contact Tech Transfer if you think that some of your PhD results might be valorised and/or applied commercially, in which case it might be best to apply for a patent.