Digital Conference - September 23, 2021


2.30 pm CEST - Welcome and introductory remarks

  • Prof. Bruno Peeters (professor in Tax Law - University of Antwerp)
  • mr. Hans D’Hondt (chairman of the management committee of the Belgian federal Public Service of Finance)
  • Prof. Pasquale Pistone (professor in Tax Law - Salerno University) 

2.45 pm CEST - Fairness in Tax Technology

  1. Parallel session 1 (target audience data miners and researchers in computer science)     ​
    • In search for a solution for indirect discrimination through AI applicationsdrs. David Hadwick (phd researcher - University of Antwerp)
    • Tackling unwanted bias in AI applicationprof. Toon Calders (professor in Computer Science - University of Antwerp)
    • Q&A
  2. Parallel session 2 (target audience (tax) lawyers – accountants)president: prof. Tarcisio Diniz Magalhaes (professor in Tax Law - University of Antwerp)​​          
    • Dealing with unwanted bias in AI and in human reasoning while selecting taxpayersProf. Anne Van de Vijver (professor in Tax Law - University of Antwerp)
    • Using computer science to tackle unwanted bias in AIdrs. Daphne Lenders (phd researcher - University of Antwerp)
    • ​Trust in government in the data analytics age: the importance and challenges of maintaining citizen and civil society trust- dr. Bjorn Kleizen (postdoctoral researcher - University of Antwerp)​
    • Q&A

4.00 pm CEST - Coffee break and networking opportunities  

Participants are invited to enter 5 digital rooms to express their interest in research collaboration on the following topics:

  • Data mining challenges in less developed countries 
  • Taxing data / digital services 
  • Tax transparency challenges for companies 
  • Technologic opportunities for improving sustainability through taxation 
  • Impact of using tax technology on trust 

4.30 pm CEST - Transparency in Tax Technology

  1. Parallel session 1 (target audience data miners and researchers in computer science)
    • In search for a solution for more transparency in AIdr. Luisa Scarcella (post doc researcher - University of Antwerp)
    • Counterfactual explanations for more transparency in AIprof. David Martens (professor in Data Science - University of Antwerp)
    • Q & A
  2. Parallel session 2 (target audience (tax) lawyers – accountants)president: prof. Ann Jorissen (professor in Financial Analysis and Management Accounting - University of Antwerp)
    • The role of companies and consultants in transparency in a digital environmentmr. Frank Vancamp (Partner KPMG), mr. Wolfgang Oepen (Director KPMG) and mr. Michiel Ruys (Associate Partner EY)
    • The extent of the transparency requirement in automated processes for tax purposesprof. Sylvie De Raedt (research manager DigiTax - University of Antwerp)
    • Using counterfactual explanations to improve transparency in AI driven fraud detectiondrs. Dieter Brughmans (phd researcher - University of Antwerp)
    • Q&A

5.45 pm CEST - End of conference

  •     Conclusion by prof. Bruno Peeters and prof. Sylvie De Raedt