Lecture Series 2022-2021

We organized lectures on Tax and Digital Transformation with the purpose of sharing practical insights and cutting edge thinking in the field. 

This lecture series is a joint organisation of:

  • DigiTax, 
  • The Worldbank, including Prosperity Collaborative (a multi-stakeholder initiative dedicated to helping countries create better tax systems through innovative technology. Stakeholders involved: MIT, MIT Connection Science, EY, New America and the Boston Global Forum Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation). 
  • VIA University College, 
  • HMRC 
  • The Center for Taxpayer Rights

All lectures took place online at 15:00 CET (09:00 Washington time - 14:00 London time - 17:00 Moscow time) and last one hour.

No registration is required, just join via the Zoom link for each lecture on this webpage, were you can also find the program of upcoming lectures and the recordings of the past lectures.