Thursday, 21 December 2023 - Stadscampus, Hof van Liere

Initiative of DigiTax CoE and Antwerp Tax Academy, celebrating 10 years of multidisciplinary tax research.


  • 13.30-13.45 - Opening: prof. dr. Bruno Peeters (UAntwerp)
  • 13.45-14.15- Introductory lecture: "Human connections in a digital tax world – the philosophical perspective": prof. dr. Anne Van de Vijver (UAntwerp)

PANELS MODERATION: dr. Alessia Tomo (UAntwerp):

  • 14.15-15.10 - Panel 1: The relation between the taxpayers and tax administration 
    • Introduction and moderator: prof. dr. Sylvie De Raedt (UAntwerp)
    • Discussants: prof. dr. Erich Kirchler (Faculty of Psychology, University of Vienna) and mrs. Laurence Pinte (chair of the Tax Committee, VBO/FEB )
  • 15.10-16.05 - Panel 2: The relation between the taxpayers and the planet
    • Introduction and moderator: prof. dr. Tarcisio Diniz Magalhães (UAntwerp)
    • Discussants: prof. dr. Steven Van Passel (Environmental Economics UAntwerp) and mr. Dennis Beyers (Head of Tax, UCB)
  • 16.05-16.30 – Break
  • 16.30-17.25 - Panel 3: Intra - and interstate tax relations
    • Introduction and moderator: drs. Sam Van der Vlugt (University of Salerno and Antwerp) 
    • Discussants: mr. Bert Brys (senior Tax Economist OECD) and mr. Rik Smet (Tiberghien Lawyers)
  • 17.25-18.00 - Closing keynote speech: prof. dr. Pasquale Pistone (University of Salerno, Wirtschaftsuniversität Vienna and Academic Chairman IBFD)
  • 18.00-18.10 - Closing remarks on future of ATA: prof. dr. Anne Van de Vijver (UAntwerp)
  • 18.10 – Networking drinks

The event was sponsored by Tiberghien Lawyers.