IDlab is building its Smart Highway testbed for vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication that will be operational by mid-2019. The Antwerp Smart Highway test site will build on the E313 highway and shall be extended to the (urban) road network ensuring a connection to Citylab – providing a mixed environment for testing various V2X communication protocols and autonomous functionalities. A test site of around 30 km is aimed for. Along the road, Road Side Units (RSUs) are being installed to support short-range V2X communication (5.9 GHz) based on ITS-G5 and C-V2X (PC5 interface) between the vehicles and the roadside infrastructure Also long-range V2X communication (3.5 GHz) is aimed for by using small cell technologies (Uu interface) in the RSUs and making a connection to the LTE macro eNBs. The long-range communication is based on 4G and will be upgraded towards 5G-NR when available. Both commercial and software defined radio (SDR) communication modules are integrated in the RSUs.