At IDLab we conduct research that should match with real-life use cases. This means that testing and proving our approaches in a simulated environment or large testbeds is not sufficient. Hence, we have several robot platforms available to test our various (control) algorithms in real-world dynamic environments. These robots are highly configurable mobile manipulators which can be equipped with various sensors ranging from simple camera’s to high-dimensional lidars. Over the years, we have gained practical insights in how to configure and utilize such devices in a research or rapid prototyping context. Furthermore, we also invested in (photo-)realistic simulation environments that can be used to extensively test our techniques and algorithms before transferring them on to the robot for further fine-tuning and validation>

We develop, test and validate novel concepts, algorithms and hardware, setting up experiments with industry and research partners.


  • We are currently using our robots in the context of our research within the Flanders AI Research Program. We are involved in the grand challenge focusing on edge & resource-aware AI and leading the challenge on human-like AI. Next to evaluating our novel algorithms on the robot platforms, we will also use them for demonstrations.

Application domains

  • Environments where there is social interaction with humans such as commerce, healthcare, entertainment and education (e.g., pepper)
  • Logistic settings such as warehouses or harbours
  • Home or office settings where the robot can act as an assistant


We encourage you to contact our business development team to explore opportunities for using our infrastructure.