OCTA is a dynamic Internet of Things (IoT) platform that focuses on energy-aware applications. The hardware platform exists out of a main board and shields. The user can customize the platform by adding shields, which can be wireless technologies, sensors or actuators.

The OCTA software stack provides ready-to-use drivers for the main platform and the shields.

The OCTA platform is already being used in several projects, where the deployments go from 10 to 2500 platforms in indoor and outdoor settings.​

We offer expertise in hardware and firmware development for an IoT application. We also offer a custom-tailored solution for clients helping them to handle energy, build prototypes and scale up their project.


  • Internet of Water: A network of sensors will measure water quality indicators of different water types in real-time at precisely chosen locations across Flanders.
  • Grow!: Measuring environment parameters in greenhouses, to forecast disease spreading.
  • Smart Bollards: Monitoring port infrastructure to predict maintenance interventions.
  • Air quality: Monitoring the air quality in Antwerp with fixed and mobile sensors.

Application domains

  • ​Smart cities
  • Smart buildings
  • Smart ports
  • Smart greenhouses
  • Smart industry


We encourage you to contact our business development team to explore opportunities for using our infrastructure.