UCSIA/IJS-Chair 2016-2017: Prof. dr. David Ruderman

During the academic year 2016-2017, the ninth edition of this initiative, Prof. dr. David B. Ruderman (University of Pennsylvania) will hold the chair. He will deliver two evening lectures for a general audience, as well as one guest lecture in a course within the Faculty of Arts of the University of Antwerp.

Public lecture I
Thursday 16 February 2017 at 20h00 / Hof van Liere, Prinsstraat 13b, 2000 Antwerp
Missionaries, Meshumadim [converts], and Maskilim [Jewish Enlighteners]: An Entangled History of Christians, Jews, and Those in Between in Nineteenth-Century Europe
Prof. dr. David B. Ruderman
Lecture in English

Public lecture II
Wednesday 22 February 2017 at 20h00 / Hof van Liere, Prinsstraat 13b, 2000 Antwerp
Two Intellectual Giants of the 19th Century and their Contributions to Modern Jewish Civilization: Isaac Baer Levinsohn and Moritz Steinschneider
David Ruderman in dialogue with Dr. Theodor Dunkelgrün (University of Cambridge)
Lecture in English, followed by a reception.

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Guest lecture by Prof. Ruderman at the University of Antwerp
Wednesday 15 February 2017
What is Jewish History?
course 'Introduction to Jewish Culture' by Prof. Karin Hofmeester (Faculty of Arts, History)
Room R.125 from 17h00 until 18h00

This guest lecture can be followed by anybody interested in the subject.
For more information and registration for the guest lecture, please contact the Institute of Jewish Studies: +32 3 265 52 43 – ijs@uantwerpen.be


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